Personal umbrella policies provide extra liability protection when you need it.

We live in a highly litigious society where everyone who owns a home, or boat or has assets should consider a personal umbrella policy. If you or a family member injures someone else or some type of accident occurs on your property, you can be sued and forced to pay damages. Those damages can far exceed the coverage provided by your homeowners or auto insurance policy.

A personal umbrella policy, or PUP, is designed to provide excess liability protection above and beyond your basic homeowners insurance or auto insurance liability limits. Personal umbrella policies are not just for the wealthy. They can be purchased in increments of $1 million and are very affordable. In fact, $1 million in personal liability protection starts at about $150.00 per year.

If you have a personal umbrella policy, it will pay for liability claims that exceed the liability limits on your home or auto insurance policies. In addition, PUPs might provide protection for liability issues that are not covered at all under your other policies.

Strate Insurance Group can find the best protection that meets your budget.

The knowledgeable, friendly Family Insurance agents at Strate Insurance Group will work closely with you to determine what kind of risks you face as well as the value of the assets you need to protect. We will help you choose the best personal umbrella policy limits for your needs.

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