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Tom Strate

A Christmas Message From Tom

I would like to wish our customers and friends a blessed Christmas. Strate Insurance Group is entering our 41st year of business. Since 1978, we have provided knowledgeable risk management service, insurance brokerage, business consulting, family insurance, employee group benefits, and most recently financial services to our community.

We recognize insurance is not everyone’s favorite subject. Therefore, trust is a major factor in choosing an agent. We are honored that many individuals and businesses have placed their trust in us to protect their most valuable assets and lean on us for risk management advice. When I reflect on 40 years of service to our friends, customers and community, it is very humbling.

I believe that our successes—and failures—are orchestrated by God to help us learn lessons of gratitude, humility, and trust in His will. As we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, we give our honor and glory to Him for the opportunities he gives us each day to serve others.

With a deep and sincere sense of gratitude, all of us at Strate Insurance Group extend our thanks to our customers for the opportunity and confidence to serve you and we hope that the love of Christ will fill your home and warm your heart. Merry Christmas.

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