Affordable Coverage
We helped Don and Thelma save thousands.
Affordable Coverage
We helped Don and Thelma save thousands.
Tom Strate, Insurance Agent
Tom Strate

Welcome to Strate Insurance Group

Since 1978, Strate Insurance Group has served the insurance needs of businesses and families in Morristown, Tennessee and the Lakeway Region. We are a Trusted Choice® insurance agency with local roots and an international reach. Our core values are trust, relationship, experience, and knowledge. These values motivate us to get to know you, your family and your business, and we will work closely with you to select the most appropriate coverage at a fair price.

What does working with a Trusted Choice® insurance agency mean to you?

  • We quote with multiple insurance companies, shopping the market on your behalf.
  • We offer multiple policy discounts.
  • We offer local claims service.

We invite you to contact one of our experienced insurance agents and let us recommend the best insurance policy for you or your business. Call us at 423-318-5800 or request a quote proposal here.

We look forward to working with you!

  • MR
    " tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive insurance"
  • CG
    "Knowledgeable staff"
  • Kim Tillson
    "If we encounter an issue...Christine is always there to assist us"
  • DT
    "They genuinely care about your protection and will advise you accordingly"
  • Don Sheneman
    "She saved us thousands of dollars (literally) using her experience & expertise"
  • Whitney Medders McGuffin
    "Strate Insurance has gone above and beyond for us on more than one occasion."
  • Kala Clifford Lamb
    We love Strate Insurance!
  • Norma Jean Elkins
    Great insurance company. Glad to have them as our neighbors
  • Sarah Wilcox Childress
    They are very knowledgeable, prompt and show attention to our needs.
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