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Give your Family the Gift of “Love Insurance”

A version of this article was published in the Morristown Citizen Tribune on May 16, 2018. By: Andy Smith In May we celebrate our mothers. Mothers can be the family counselor, disciplinarian, or breadwinner—or maybe a combination of all. Throughout life, mothers encourage, teach, and love. Purchasing life insurance can also be an act of love. In fact, many people call life insurance “love insurance” because it’s... Read Article

Get the right insurance for your boat

by: Tom Strate Being properly insured may not be the most fun part of owning a boat, but protecting yourself, your passengers, and your family is extremely important. Today, the term “boat” includes jet skis and any other powered water device. Be sure that your boat policy covers all of your powered boat devices. If they are not listed on your policy, then they are... Read Article

Why It is Important to Review Your Insurance Policies on a Yearly Basis

Insurance policies are living documents. They can, and should be, changed periodically to accommodate changes in circumstances and needs of the policyholder. At Strate Insurance Group in Morristown, Tennessee, our agents can assist you with an annual review of your home, auto, and life insurance policies to help ensure you have the coverage you need without paying more than you need to. Reasons to Review... Read Article

Make Sure to Insure All Aspects of Your Business

The minute you start a business, you are immediately exposed to certain risks. The importance of having the right business insurance cannot be overstated. Our knowledgeable agents at Strate Insurance Group in Morristown, Tennessee can help you fully assess your business insurance needs and find the right coverage at the best available rates. Types of Business Insurance Businesses today have a wide range of insurance... Read Article

How to Prevent Your Business from Being Hacked

A business of any size may be vulnerable to a data breach. Cyber attacks have become a frightening reality for individuals and organizations in recent years. Business owners should do all they can to secure their websites and customer information. If your business stores passwords, credit card numbers, or any form of sensitive client or customer information, be aware that hackers have you in their... Read Article