Your employees will appreciate group disability insurance protection.

Employees are often concerned about what will happen to them and their families if they were injured or sick and unable to work. While you provide workers’ compensation insurance to help them if they are injured on-the-job, you can also help them if they suffer a catastrophic event away from work.

Group disability income insurance provides income replacement benefits for employees who are injured or become sick and cannot work either for a short time or for longer periods. Disability insurance is complex and some employees might feel that it is expensive and difficult to access. By providing a group disability plan, you are giving your employees access to an extra benefit and protection that perhaps they could not obtain on their own.

You can provide short-term disability (STD) insurance, long-term disability (LTD) insurance, or both. We can help you design a plan that is beneficial for both you and your employees, and we can even help your employees avoid having their disability benefits taxed when they are received.

Strate Insurance Group can help with disability insurance and all of your employee benefits needs.

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