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Quality business insurance is a wise investment that protects your business and your employees if something goes wrong. Any business can face theft, injuries, equipment breakdown, property damage, fire, storms and lawsuits. You need business insurance to protect your assets and to keep your business up and running should the worst happen.

At Strate Insurance Group, business insurance is our specialty. We have been providing custom business insurance solutions to Tennessee businesses since 1978. We can put that experience to work for:

  • Small offices, contractors, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, restaurants, golf courses, healthcare firms, churches and religious organizations, professional services firms, and light manufacturing companies
  • Large manufacturing companies or non-profits in agribusiness, tourism, technology, healthcare, education and government

We offer a consultative approach and custom solutions.

No two businesses are alike, and as businesses vary, so do the types of coverage needed to compile a comprehensive and effective custom business insurance portfolio. Our business insurance advisors will get to know your business and carefully assess its risks. We are not interested in simply “selling” insurance policies; we strive to be a long-term partner in uncovering and mitigating the risks your business faces every day.

Strate Insurance Group partners only with highly-rated, financially secure business insurance companies. As a Trusted Choice® agency, we have access to insurance markets and solutions for nearly any type of business, no matter the size.

Risk management services from experienced business insurance advisors.

Risk management is an often used and frequently misunderstood term. At Strate Insurance Group, we understand what risk management means and the importance of its principles to our customers.

Most of our clients would agree that they come to us with an insurance problem. After a little conversation, we typically determine that the real concern is a risk of financial loss. With more in-depth discussion, we can help our clients understand and analyze this risk, and ultimately find the appropriate risk solution. Sometimes, insurance is the solution; sometimes it is not.

Risk management is defined as the practice of protecting an organization from financial harm by identifying, analyzing and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost. Our job is to ask the right questions, be good listeners and find the best solutions.

The risk management process is the foundation for analyzing your business risks using a variety of methods and tools such as:

  • Questionnaires
  • Financial analysis
  • Loss history review
  • Review of corporate goals, values and future plans
  • Industry comparisons and benchmarks
  • Understanding your risk tolerance

Many of our customers refer to us as their “outsourced risk manager,” a title we embrace and strive to achieve. Our goal is to use our years of experience and knowledge to become a trusted member of your management team.

Strate Insurance Group offers Tennessee business insurance solutions.

We help businesses in Morristown, Tennessee and the surrounding area explore and select business insurance options including:

  • Small business insurance/BOPs: Small businesses need special protection. Often a business owners policy, or BOP, can provide the right amount of comprehensive coverage in a simple package-policy designed for small businesses.
  • Commercial property insurance: This coverage protects a business when it is faced with damage to buildings, furniture and equipment, as well as business interruption that is caused by some type of unforeseen event (fire, vandalism, theft, etc.).
  • Commercial general liability insurance: Businesses need commercial general liability insurance to protect their assets from third-party property damage and bodily injury claims.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Also referred to as business auto or commercial vehicle insurance, businesses need this type of coverage for any vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) designed for use on public roads.
  • Tennessee workers’ compensation insurance: Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the most complex and important parts of any business insurance program. Our Tennessee workers’ compensation experts can help you select and manage your workers’ compensation program.
  • Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability insurance: This coverage protects corporate directors and officers from claims of damage caused by their decisions. D&O liability policies can protect these individuals and the corporation from the costs of legal judgments and settlements when certain decisions have negatively impacted creditors, employees or customers.
  • Professional liability insurance: Professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, protects firms that provide professional services from claims of damage caused by the failure of or errors in the advice or services that have been provided.
  • Cyber risk insurance: Any business that handles electronic data can be susceptible to cyber threats. Cyber liability insurance can protect a business from a range of exposures that can occur while using, storing or transferring electronic data for business purposes.

Need additional liability protection for you business? We also offer tailored business liability policies and endorsements including employment practices liability, fiduciary liability and environmental liability.

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Strate Insurance Group offers custom business insurance solutions for Tennessee businesses of all sizes. We are also licensed in other states, allowing us to offer business insurance solutions for businesses outside of Tennessee.

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