Nobody’s perfect. Protect against costly losses with directors and officers liability insurance.

Most businesses require the broad liability protection provided by commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. But general liability policies do not cover every potential liability exposure, and depending on the type of business, a variety of additional endorsements or standalone specialty liability policies might be needed to fill the gaps.

Corporate and non-profit directors and officers need special liability protection that a CGL policy cannot provide. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance protects specific decision-makers of large corporations from legal judgments and costs arising from certain behaviors or decisions that they make, including:

  • Unlawful acts
  • Erroneous investment decisions
  • Failure to maintain property
  • Releasing confidential information
  • Hiring and firing decisions
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gross negligence

Protect against claims of financial harm to stakeholders.

Because directors and officers of corporations and non-profits are accountable to investors, shareholders, creditors, employees and customers, their decisions and behaviors can have a negative financial impact on any number of individuals and businesses. Directors’ and officers’ liability coverage protects the corporation and the individual decision-makers from claims of financial harm to others.

Directors’ and officers’ liability policies typically do not provide coverage for fraud or other criminal acts, as well as for claims that arise from prior acts. In addition, claims related to bodily injury or property damage are not covered by directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, nor are punitive damages.

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